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Sunglasses in West Haven

Look Great and Stay Safe

man wearing sunglassesSunshine may wake you up, infuse energy into your day, and perk up your mood, yet it also beats down on you with damaging ultraviolet rays. Your eyes, which are delicate and sensitive, are particularly vulnerable to the possible harm from UV light. The best way to protect your eyes and vision is with a pair of quality sunglasses from Inclima Eye Care.

Sunburn is the most immediate side-effect from overexposure to UV rays. The signs are familiar, with red, blistery skin being the first painful symptoms to appear. Beyond the discomfort of sunburn, it also places you and your children at a higher risk for future health problems, such as skin cancer. Sunglasses will protect the skin around your eyes and nose, and promote lasting health for your eyes. In our West Haven store, we offer a wide range of designer sunglasses to keep your family safe – in sizes and styles for both kids and adults!

Sunglasses Prevent Eye Disease

Cumulative exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays has been associated with the future development of cataracts and macular degeneration. It’s critical to outfit your children with comfortable sunglasses, as kids often spend more time outdoors than adults. With many fashionable designs featured at Inclima, you’re sure to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for every member of your household. All of our sunwear blocks 99-100% of UV rays, and we’ll help you choose the most appropriate frames for your visual needs. We have eye-catching sunglasses for sunbathing, biking, hiking, extreme sports, or simply strolling around the block.

Our sunglasses are available in prescription and nonprescription versions, with many optional features. Stop in anytime to check out the display in our West Haven optical, with exclusive labels to give you clear, healthy vision and an attractive sunny look!

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