How Multifocal Contact Lens Can Help With Myopia

How Multifocal Contact Lens Can Help With Myopia

How Multifocal Contact Lens Can Help With Myopia

Cases of myopia or nearsightedness are growing in number worldwide. To answer the expanding need for myopia correction, eye doctors are using multifocal lenses. The National Institutes of Health-funded a study that proved the effectiveness of multifocal lenses in controlling myopia in children. These lenses are also helpful to adults who suffer from myopia. If you are interested in correcting myopia, here’s what you need to know about how multifocal lenses can help.

Early Wear

Research reveals that children who are at least eight years old can start wearing multifocal lenses for their myopia. The earlier they start wearing their multifocal lenses, the more likely they are to have well-controlled myopia. Experts show that children tend to complete the set period of wearing their lenses once they understand the importance of it.

Confidence Enhancement

Specialists say that children and teens who wear multifocal contact lenses instead of eyeglasses have a better quality of life. Kids and teenagers tend to seek each other’s company and socialize. Eyeglasses usually hinder you from moving more freely and make you feel awkward. With multifocal lenses, young people can see better and go about their daily routine with more confidence.

Innovative Design

Lens researchers discovered that the center-distance multifocal lens is highly effective in managing myopia. This type of multifocal lens has two points:

  • Outer zone. The part that has a positive power for reducing hyperopic defocus, stimulating myopic defocus, or doing both throughout your retina.

  • Central zone. This area of the lens corrects distance refractive error.

Multifocal lenses that have concentric and clear areas can focus light in various ways. They are usually prescribed for people who are at least 40 years old. These lenses have a configuration that resembles a bull’s eye. That is why it can help you view objects correctly at different ranges of distance.

Optimal Fit

For a sure fit, your eye cares professional tests and enhances the lens movement and centration. Specialists find that patients with myopia find the first few minutes of wearing multifocal lenses unsettling. Then, they adjust to them quickly, providing them with optimal vision. Your eye doctor should wait 20 to 30 minutes before evaluating your visual performance while wearing your multifocal.

Risk-Free Wear

If you wear multifocal lenses for myopia, your eye doctor should give you a regimen that decreases handling and contamination of your lenses. To lower your risk of lens contamination and eye infections, you should not wear your multifocal lenses while you sleep. Specialists can prescribe daily wear, frequent replacement, or disposable multifocal lenses. You can wear these lenses risk-free for seven to eight hours a day. If you wear your lenses this long, your myopia progression can slow down by 58 percent.

Multifocal lenses can help children, teens, and adults in controlling myopia with effectiveness and efficiency. At Inclima Eye Care, we make sure that we assist our myopia patients from fitting to daily maintenance and wear. Please visit our clinic in West Haven, Connecticut, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 203-694-0418 if you want to schedule an appointment. We can answer your questions about our multifocal lens packages for myopia management.

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