Clean Contact Lens Starts With You!

Clean Contact Lens Starts With You!

Clean Contact Lens Starts With You!

Proper use of your contact lenses, including the case, is crucial to keep your eyes healthy. The use of contact lenses can already put you at an increased risk of developing issues, such as dry eyes. If you fail to clean and store your contact lenses properly, you set yourself up for other problems, including eye infection. So, how do you make sure you are handling your contact lenses as directed?


Tips for Proper Contact Lens Wear and Care


Whenever you wear your contact lenses, particles, such as mucous and other materials, can build up on the surface of your eyes throughout the day. By disinfecting your contact lenses, you remove this debris, including harmful germs. Here are ways to keep good eye health and prevent complications to your eyes:


· Remove your contact lenses before going to bed. It can be tempting to sleep while wearing your contact lenses, especially if you are too tired even to get up. But, keep in mind that sleeping in your contact lenses can increase your risk of getting an eye infection six to eight times.


· Replace your contact lenses regularly. Even with proper care, you need to replace your contact lenses frequently. This requirement is especially true for soft contacts. Replacing your contact lenses will keep lens deposits from building up, thus resulting in contamination.


· Do not forget to wash your hands before touching your contact lenses. It’s easy to spread pathogens and diseases by not washing your hands. Use soap and clean, running water to wash your hands. Then grab a clean cloth to dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.


· Avoid introducing your contact lenses to water. As you may already know, water can be home to a host of dangerous viruses and microbes, such as Acanthamoeba organisms. This microbe can attach to your contact lenses and result in corneal inflammation and infection. So, do not shower while wearing your contact lenses and always remove them before swimming.


· Clean your contact lenses properly. As mentioned, it is not impossible to expose your eyes to germs through the contact lenses you wear. Instead of tap water, store and clean your contact lenses only with the contact lens solution prescribed by your eye doctor. Always use fresh solution and avoid mixing it with used ones.


· Do not forget your contact lens case. Some people only pay attention to their contact lenses and neglect their lens case. Ensure that you also clean your contact lens case thoroughly. Rinse it using a contact lens solution. Empty the case and dry it with a clean cloth or tissue. After every use, remove the caps and store the case upside down. Lastly, make it a habit to replace the case every three months.


· Always secure backup lenses. Be ready, so try carrying with you a pair of eyeglasses with your current prescription all the time. You will never know when you might lose your contact lenses or need to take them out.


· Talk to your eye doctor regularly. Check with your eye doctor at least once a year or as often as needed. Regular visits will help ensure that your eyes are in optimal condition.


Whether it’s your first time to wear contact lenses or not, Inclima Eye Care is here for you. Call our office in West Haven, Connecticut, today for more information. Get in touch now at (203) 694-0418.

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