5 Facts About Myopia You Probably Didn’t Know

As time goes on, chances are you probably know someone who has myopia - whether your child, a friend, family member or yourself. But how much do you really know about this eye disease? Some parents expect that simply receiving a pair of glasses for their child is the only way of dealing with the effects of myopia. In truth, there’s much more to myopia and what you can do about it than meets the eye.  

Protect Your Eyes at Work: Top Tips

Every day approximately 2000 workers in the United States sustain an eye injury related to the job. About one-third of these injuries required emergency hospital care, and at least 100 of the cases resulted in at least one day away from work. Nobody wants to be included in the statistics. Here are the top tips to protect your eyes at work:

Does Myopia Get Worse With Age?

Many parents who come into our practices consider their children’s myopia as a simple vision problem that needs correction. Each time the child needs a higher prescription, they just “fix” it by buying them a new pair of glasses.  

How Blue Lenses Can Help with Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is estimated to affect over 50% of people, including both adults and children alike. This number has risen considerably, which reflects the increased amount of time that people are spending using digital devices.

Which Vision Problems Can Ortho-K Correct?

Refractive errors are among the most common causes of visual acuity problems in the United States. Half of all American adults don’t have 20/20 vision due to their eyes not refracting light correctly as it enters the eye. Treatments for refractive errors generally include prescription eyewear and refractive surgery. Fortunately, there’s a revolutionary non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. This safe and effective treatment is known as orthokeratology or ortho-k. Do you want to know which vision problems can ortho-k correct? Read on to learn more about this technique and how it might apply to you.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Ortho-K

Orthokeratology has become an increasingly popular treatment method to reshape the cornea. It offers patients with blurry eyesight a non-surgical option to achieve vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses while awake.

What Causes Myopia?

Myopia is an eye condition that affects a large percentage of people across the world. People with myopia can see objects that are near them, but they have a challenge seeing objects that are further away from them.

What Are Myopia Symptoms?

The National Eye Institute recognizes the increasing number of myopia (nearsightedness) cases in children. When you have myopia, you see objects blurry when they are far away but clearly when they are near.

How Multifocal Contact Lens Can Help With Myopia

Cases of myopia or nearsightedness are growing in number worldwide. To answer the expanding need for myopia correction, eye doctors are using multifocal lenses. The National Institutes of Health funded a study that proved the effectiveness of multifocal lenses in controlling myopia in children.

Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important for Learning

Every child needs to have good eyesight to learn comfortably in school. This does not mean that a visually impaired child cannot learn. It just means that good eyesight makes learning slightly easier for your child. Visual impairment may breed other problems for your child.

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